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Some Useful Chemicals

Published by: BhumiRaj Timalsina

Published Date: 01 Feb 2022

Some Useful Chemicals in Grade-6, Reference Note


We use different things made up of various chemicals in our daily life. We use soap to wash our face and hand while use paste to brush our teeth. Paste and soap are some examples of the things made up of chemicals. We use salt, turmeric powder etc. while cooking our food. For the manufacture of bread and biscuit, edible soda and yeast are used. The main sources of these chemicals is the nature. In this chapter we study about some useful chemicals.

(a) Baking soda

Edible baking soda is mainly used in the bakery industry. Its chemical name is sodium bicarbonate. It helps to swell out bread, cake and biscuits as well as make the food soft. It also helps to make soft baverage.

(b) CHOOK (Thick lemon juice)

CHOOK is the liquid present in lemon, lime etc. It is sour in taste. Citric acid is present in it. It is the main sources of vitamin 'C'. it is prepared by heating up the juice present in the sour fruits. It is used to make different types of pickle. It also helps to preserve the pickle.

(c) Sugar

Chemical name of sugar is sucrose. It is prepared from the liquid of sugarcane and sweet potato. Different fruits like bananas, mangoes etc also contain some sugar. Sugar is in the form of a white crystal. It is sweet in taste. It is easily soluble in water. Sugar is also found in our body in the form of glucose. It also helps to preserve food.

(d) Ghee

It is made from the milk. The fatty substance found in the milk is called ghee. It remains in solid form in the room temperature. Its chemical name is triglyceride. Nowadays, the ghee is also manufactured from the vegetable oil with the help of different chemical processes. It is known as vegetable ghee. It gives energy to the body. Fat is necessary for our body. Different vitamins like A, D, E. and K cannot be absorbed without the help of oiliness. That is why, fat is necessary for our body but too much fat can increase the amount of animal fat in the body.

(e) Common salt

Edible salt is the most essential thing in our daily life. Its chemical name is sodium chloride. It also contains a little amount of magnesium chloride. Nowadays iodine is also found in edible salt. Iodine helps to make a child active and decreases the chance of occurring goitre. It is manufactured from the ocean water. It is salty in taste. It is used to make the food tasty. It also helps to preserve the fish, meat and pickle.