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At Online Notes Nepal, we are proud to have sister companies that cater to specific educational needs. In addition to our comprehensive study resources, we have two sister companies - BCIS Notes and BIM Notes - that specialize in providing tailored materials for students pursuing Bachelor in Computer Information System (BCIS) and Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) programs in Nepal, respectively.

BCIS Notes is dedicated to supporting BCIS students with a wide range of study materials related to computer information systems. From programming languages to database management, system analysis and design, networking, software engineering, and more, BCIS Notes offers detailed and up-to-date resources to assist students in their academic journey.

Similarly, BIM Notes focuses on offering comprehensive study materials for students pursuing a degree in Information Management. With subjects ranging from database management to project management, e-commerce, information systems, and more, BIM Notes provides specialized resources to help BIM students excel in their studies.

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