Information System and Social Impact of Computer

Published by: BhumiRaj Timalsina

Published Date: 14 Jan 2022

Information System and Social Impact of Computer in grade 9, Reference note

An information system is a set of processes and procedures that transform data into information and knowledge. The information system provides information on a timely basis throughout the organization so the decision maker can take proper and effective decisions on time.

The task of changing data into information is called data processing. Previously data processing was done manually but now a day, most of the organization and users are using computer based data processing. It is easy to process data using computer system. Powerful computers can process , access, and manage data properly to generate the information.An information system has five key components: hardware, software, data processes and people. These are arranged on proper manner to get optimum output to support the organizational and other use of Information System.

Social impacts of computer

Computers have made such an enormous impact in our society today. There is not a place where you can turn where there isn't a computer involved. In the present time, most business rely on computers and its similar technology. This field of technology has been so advanced within the past few years that it has been primary tool in successful business. We know that computer has become an integral part of our society. People are using computer as a basic tool to support their day to day works. They use the system on almost all sector to enhance the existing process. It is effectively used on service sectors to enhance the existing process. It is effectively used on service sectors, financial sector, manufacturing sector, academic sector and communication sectors. Use of computer has improved the processes to support all types of activities.

Major impacts on society are summarized as.

Impacts on Industry

Now a day advance manufacturing plans are integrated with the computer system. These are controlled and process by using computerized mechanism, Concept of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), CAD ( Computer Aided Design) has helped in the industry sector to make it advance and risk less for day to day manufacturing system. It saves time and help for quality production. Industry can use accounting and other office management software to use internal management smooth and automated.

Impact on Academic sector

Academic sector use the computer system as a basic tool to support the teaching learning process. Various types of training, research and engineering process are supported by the computer system. Teachers and students use the computer system to supported their academic activities. Multimedia system, presentation program like program like power point has became very popular to support the training, teaching and learning process. Now a day concept of virtual classroom has launched. Students will attend their class from their home using computer system. Such classes are called virtual classes. They can search course materials , learning kits and other academic papers like research paper, project works, and teachers note etc, from internet.

Impact on Health Sector

Hospitals and other health related institution use computer system on different purposes. They use it for internal management like accounting work like billing, payroll system etc. Different medical equipment are integrated with computerized system so it is very essential to use the computer for laboratory, diagnosis and other medical test and investigation. It supports the operation of X-Ray, MRI and other medical equipment. Now a day, online treatment and consultation has started. This concept is called tele-medicine.

Impact on Entertainment

Computer system is the major system to support entertainment. Use of computer on movies, audio/ visual application and the animation system helps the whole film-making and editing process. Various types of games are developed using computer system. Computer animation helps to create new concept to apply on film making. Single computer can be used to play audio and visual system, browsing internet for entertainment, play games and edit sound and video clips etc.

Impact on Financial Sector

Computer system plays a great role on the financial sector like banks and financial company. It is used on banking sector to support office management activities and services. Banks are launching online banking system. SMS (Short Message Service) banking, Internet banking etc. by using computerized system. They are using ATM ( Automatic Teller Machine), online electronic cards like debit cards for transaction of money.

Impact on Science and Technology

Computer system is also a major part of Science and technology. It is used as the major tool to support science and technology sector. Various types of data analysis, research and investigation are done on the basis of computer aided system. Complex data and the research system can be simplified and easily solved by using computerized system.