Making a Spam Bot using Python Programming Photo

Making a Spam Bot to irritate the friends in Python Programming

Today we will learn how to make a spam bot to irritate friends using a python programming language as programming. But before making the bot NOTE: Don't try this with many of your friends at once the social media might get blocked due to the algorithm of the social media you use to hit the spam. This bot simply works for any of the social media either it is Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

First, make sure you have an IDE that supports the Python programming language to execute the program. We suggest you the Visual Studio Code as an IDE because it is easy to use and can run smoothly on any kind of device.

Here is the link to download the VS-Code IDE:

Let's move into the programming now;

Step1: Install python on the system

Step2: Install the module of Python that is necessary to create the bot to hit spam to your friends, we need time and pyautogui module

Step3: To install these modules hit these lines of command on the terminal

pip install time

pip install pyautogui

Step4: Make sure you save these files in the same folder and create two files called and another called spam.txt(it contains the messages that you want to send or the movie scripts)

Step 4: Now, do the following process

import time
import pyautogui

def SendMessage():
   text = open('spam.txt')

   for each_line in text: