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Published by: BhumiRaj Timalsina

Published Date: 28 Jan 2022

Employment  in Occupation Business and Technology Education in Grade-7, Reference Note

The work or occupation for which one is used and often paid is known as employment. People get information on employment through the use of various media and technologies available in the present situation. Information related to employment provides the information of vacancy of posts, voluntary activities etc. for the employment in different organizations or offices. Information is also one of the powers of people because the more you gain information or knowledge, the more your skill will generate.

In the context of Nepal, there are many Governmental, Non-Governmental, private sectors and international organizations as employment sources.

Sources of Information at National and Regional Level

The information at the national level may vary depending on the regional offices, for e.g. PSC regional office fills up the assistant level posts and the central office fills up the officer level posts. In most cases, the sources of information for both levels are same as follows:

  • Verbal or personal contacts : This information is transferred through verbal method. In this method, one person shares his/her ideas or information with another person or in a group. Again, another person shares the information with the third person and so on and the information is transferred to the local areas. Local people engaged in work in organizations could be good sources of transferring verbal information relating to the jobs.
  • Different media: Media is one of the best sources of information in these days. There are many medias to provide the employment related information nowadays, such as TV, radio, internet, e-mail, newspapers etc. from which people can easily get information about employment vacancies or opportunities.
  • Internet search: There are many websites related to organizations and offices which provide the information about job and vacancies from different organizations and load on the web page. People can search these sites to access information about employments and job opportunities.
  • Information booklet: Organizations or offices make their information publicly available through different booklets, pamphlets, fliers or bulletins which can be disseminated to the people in public places. For example, public services commission publishes weekly bulletin related to employment notice.
  • Noticeboard or wall: Different organizations and departments of the government that are working for contracts for local or national employment provide information of national employment. One can get vacancy notice on their notice board. The information is also put on the notice board of the other public institutions and public places where people visit most. Interested people can see the information posted on wall or notice board to get information about job opportunities.

Methods of Information Delivery:

For the effective communication and information delivery, there are many methods. Lets discuss some of them.

  • Electronic and digital methods :
    This is the era of information and technology. So, people are using modern communication equipments such as the laptops, computers, mobile phones, televisions etc. for communication and information. Information can be stored in digital ways like in the computer, hard disk, pen drive, CD-ROM etc. which helps people to get information at the time of need. Two of the most popular wide range of information are “Google” and “Wikipedia”.


  • General and physical method 

There are many simple methods of information delivery available in the nation. These methods are practiced from a long time ago to deliver information and ideas. Some of them are booklets, pamphlets, posters, newspapers and other many printed materials found in the nation. The level of people and purpose of information delivery depends on the availability of technology and means of information sources.