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Creative and innovating Ideas and Leadership

Published by: BhumiRaj Timalsina

Published Date: 28 Jan 2022

Creative and innovating Ideas and Leadership in Grade-7, Reference Note

Being creative means to invent new things and innovative means getting an application for new creative knowledge. An idea is a new combination of an intuitive knowledge with existing knowledge and experience. A creative and innovative idea also mean to do the same thing in a new or different way to show it as a new creation.

The scientific and technological program of the modern world is the result of the creation of innovation. New ideas and creation is an important part of life. It is the best thing to change the life. How to produce new things, create wealth, write books/articles and how teachers perform excellently in school; all the answers to these questions are creative, innovative ideas.

Process to Generate New, Creative and Innovative Ideas

There are some techniques to create new, creative and innovative ideas. Some of them are as follows:

  • Identifying problems or purpose.
  • Collecting information and getting the knowledge to those problems.
  • Applying intuitive knowledge of the brain.
  • Analyzing and diagnosing the information.
  • The solutions of a problem bring new ideas.
  • Applying ideas and practicing it.

Creativity and innovation are very important in business because they bring some positive changes and add some values. This is how we can apply the inventive and innovative idea in our work and organization. At the time of our forefathers and fathers, there were also means of communication and they invented different things in the field of technology but it didn't work longer. Slowly, it started to change with the modernized technology. We can find vast differences in the composition of old technology and modern technology which is the result of creation and invention. Now, we can see TV, mobile phones, cars and so on. Modern technology has made our work and the life easier. Leadership is the capacity of someone to lead the project or group. Leadership helps people to be self-dependent and active in work. It can motivate people to involve in creative ideas. In a business organization, leadership is one of the most important things to run the organization. The leader should motivate hundreds or thousands of people to work effectively and smoothly. By the motivation and leadership of employees, an organization can achieve its goals.