Pokhara University

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Pokhara University

Pokhara University

1. Founding

Pokhara University (PU) was founded in 1997 and is well-known educational institution in Nepal. It is one of the country's top private universities and is famous for its wide range of academic programs in a variety of disciplines. It was established with the goal of providing high-quality advanced educational opportunities for pupils acress Nepal as well, particularly those from the west of the country. Collaboration was needed amongst government agencies, universities, and investors who identified a requirement for an institution of higher learning in the Pokhara region. The Pokhara University's Act, announced through the Nepalese Parliament in 1997, formalized the university's existence. This legislation set the legal framework for the university's operation and governance.

2. Location 

The Pokhara University is based in the capital of Pokhara, Nepal in Dhungepatan, Lekhnath Municipality. It is located in the nation's West area, whichis known for its stunning natural splendor. The university's campus and offices for administration are situated in this neighbourhood, offering an intriguing alternative for learners seeking educational opportunities in a idullic environment. 

3. Educational Programs:

Pokhara University offers a an extensive variety of graduate, undergraduate, and post graduate degrees. Certain courses' distribution and subject matter might shift over a period of time, and the organization may introduce novel offeringd or alter ones that already exist. Following are some subjects of study offered by Pokhara University :

a. Bachelors Program ( undergraduate)

- Bachelor's of Business Administration

- Bachelor of Computer Engineering

- Bachelor of Civil Engineering

- Bchelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

- Bachelor of Pharmacy

- Bachelor of InformationManagement

- Bachelor of Hotel Management

- Bachelor of Nursing

- Bachelor of Social Work

- Bachelor of Developmemt Finance

b. Master's Programs(graduate)





- MBA-Executive

- MDFin

- MA Clinical Psychology

- M. Pharm

c. Ph.D. programs (post graduates):

-  Ph.D. in Management

-  Ph.D. in Engineering

-  Ph.D. in Development Studies

d. Diploma and Certificate Programs:

PU provides a variety of bachelor's and master's degrees in fields ranging from enterpreneurship, social assistance, and others. 

4. Improvement and research :

In Nepal as well, Pokhara University (PU) fosters and supports studies and creative thinking throughout every educational establishments and specialties. When particular investigation initiatives and programs might evolve as time goes on, the University of Puget Sound demonstrates an ongoing dedication to supporting investigation and creative thinking across its pupils and lecturers.

5. Participation in the Community:

Numerous schools of thought, including the Pokhara University (PU) in Nepal as well, place a high importance on volunteering in the community. PU believes in giving back to the community and is involved in an assortment of outreach initiatives. While some initiatives and events might change throughout the years.




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